Social Media is Mobile’s Bitch

Posted by Arné On May 3, 2012 ADD COMMENTS

There’s nothing to make you realise that the new wave in the way we communicate and market is mobile than being without your cell phone for a week. I tell you, I nearly lay on the floor in the murder victim position with a look of dazed confusion on my face, for the first few days at least. Luckily for me my weekend arrangements were already booked at set times, the wonder of social media exists and I’m playing around with the idea of becoming a hermit. But even with my saving graces, being without my cell made me realise how underrated mobile really is.

Social media has many traits and has ignited many habits and needs; the need for instant gratification, real time conversation, short attention spans and constantly being fearful of missing out on something. Thanks social media. I can go on for hours about social media and its many traits, and believe me, I probably still will (watch this space), but it’s time we broaden our attention to the acquaintances that social media keeps. And believe you me, social media certainly keeps well suited company.

Mobile satisfies all the needs that social media has created. In fact I’ll go as far as saying that if it weren’t for the up rise in mobile, social media might soon have seen a slow and sad decline if not death. I’m a social networking fanatic and even I, without my beloved smart phone, slowly started believing that there is life after Twitter, and that people can be reached and stalking can be done without Facebook. Although I was very much mistaken, it comes to show that social media’s success can greatly be contributed to mobile.

We live in the ‘now’ generation. The information I need I want now; the people I want to reach I want to contact now; and the things I want I want to get now. No longer do we wait for a ‘posduif’, a cheque to clear, the Sunday paper for our news or for a friend to get home. I want to know about new products, new places and new news has it happens. I want to holler to my homies and tweeps about where I am right now, what my opinion is about the show I’m watching while I’m watching it, and give my real time review about the places I am. Social media, being a two way conversation, provides me with the feedback and response to my ‘now’ updates. And if I’m not mistaken I don’t see any of y’all dragging your laptop to cocktail hour, to the kitchen or the beach every chance you get. Yay for mobile devices!

I’ll definitely go into more in depth personal insights regarding the matter but I’m currently catching up on Twitter and Facebook from the last 7 days. But let me end with some profound words: Social media is mobile’s bitch.

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